How Secure Is Your Website?

Website Security.

We provide a number of different services for clients who are concerned about the protection and security of sensitive data.  We provide the latest technology in both Information and Computer security.  We can perform simple website audits, where we can identify weaknesses in your website’s security and areas where data may be stolen.  We can also, with your permission, carry out a complete penetration testing of your systems; this involves attacking and singling out vulnerabilities in information security that can lead to the theft of sensitive data.

The following are some examples of breaches of security that would have a negative impact on your business:

  • Customer or client details being passed on to a competitor
  • The theft of the credit card details of your customers or clients
  • The theft or malicious modification of the purchasing data of your customers or clients
  • The manipulation of your supply chain and product orders

Hackers with ill-intent towards your company may be skilled enough to hide their tracks sufficiently to ensure that detection may not occur for weeks or months, during which time untold damage may have been caused.  We are offering to perform a manual vulnerability test on your systems and report back on our findings.  This offer is for a limited time only; should we detect a vulnerability we shall immediately correct it and provide continuous monitoring if required.

The Data Protection Act of 1998 requires “adequate level of protection”, and many companies are not equipped to ensure that their duties in this regard are carried out sufficiently to satisfy this requirement.

The Information Security Breaches Survey carried out by Price Waterhouse Cooper in 2010 found that breaches of security pose a growing problem for small and medium business enterprises.   Eighty-three per cent of these companies were found to have suffered a security breach in the previous year, with the average cost per incident ranging from £27,500 to £55,000.  This shows an increase from £10,000 to £20,000 in 2008.cyber security service

Organisations that hold the personal details of customers and clients are usually more prone to malicious attacks on their information security, as they provide more opportunities for identity theft and the selling of mailing lists.  These organisations, which include dentists, lawyers, accountants and other similar types of business, often lack robust security systems.  A company’s reputation can be greatly damaged if their security system is proved to be compromised and this will result in a decrease in goodwill which can be more costly.

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